Alternative Fluid Options

Milk: This is one of the best fluid-types that can meet up water needs of your body in the most efficient manner. This is not only a normal fluid but it is enriched with special milk-proteins and these proteins are good for mothers’ health. Low-fat milk needs to be consumed by pregnant women for gaining outstanding health and acute hydration benefits. On the other hand, milk also satisfies your stomach needs at times. If you are feeling hungry and thirsty at the same time then only milk can be treated as the healthiest fluid option.

Soy drink: This drink is highly enriched with calcium and if you have got milk-intolerances then you can definitely go for this option without any confusion in mind. This is definitely a healthy drink and can fulfill your nutritional requirements along with fluid demands. In fact, fluid-intake and calcium needs can be effectively boosted-up during pregnancy only with one-two cups on a regular basis.

Fruit juices: Fresh fruits are being chosen so that fruit-juices can be created. These juices are very much healthy in nature and can fill-up your fluid-needs better. Vitamin-enriched fruits are to be chosen in this regard and make sure that the fruits do not contain much sugar. If you think that pure fruit-extracts cannot be taken directly then you can mix up the same with mineral-water.

Broths and soups: These are the most favorable fluid options of the era. Pregnant women love to take these fluids during pregnancy. When you are bored of taking water then you can surely take these fluids for complimenting your taste-buds. Fluid-Goals can be fulfilled along with the fulfillment of nutritional requirement.

You can choose any of the above options for meeting up your fluid needs. These are the best alternatives to water. You can also take these fluids along with water for getting enhanced health. Try to avoid packaged fluids at the time of pregnancy.

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